Tamsin Egerton, is an eye-candy of the premiere of the upcoming movie “Love Rosie” with the whole cast promoting the film in London for its release date on October 22. As the actress’ role demands an American accent, her beau, Josh Hartnett came to her rescue to be her private tutor for her to unlearn momentarily her Hampshire accent.

“My boyfriend’s American so that helped and I feel I can genuinely do the accent now. He is a harsh critic, so he’ll tell me quite quickly if I’ve got it wrong,” the 25-year old actress tells Mandrake at another movie premiere held at the Odeon West End.

Love Rosie is a chick flick based from the book “Where Rainbows End” by Cecelia Ahern’s in 2004. It is a story of two great friends Rosie, (Lily Collins) and Alex (Sam Claffin) who have crossed the boundaries of friendship and explored their newly-found passionate love. However, their situation is hindered by circumstances and people willing to tear them apart.

Tamsin will play a minor role as one of Alex’s love interests. She will be with other stars Jamie Winstone (Rosie’s bestfriend), Suki Waterhouse (Bethany described as irritating but funny) and Christian Cooke who is said to have dangerous charms over women.

In the interview with Daily Mail, the young actress talks about a funny behind-the-scenes in the movie.

“There was a scene that didn’t [make it] in the film, where I’m bathing my character’s baby and during a take it started peeing all over me. I was just there acting with warm baby pee all over me which was just really really fun,” she said.

When asked about whether the couple has a plan to marry this year, the British actress readily said that marrying is not included in her plans yet.

“Yes, my love life is great…’Not yet… I’m 25! I want to stay travelling and working as much as possible,” she said enthusiastically.

Tamsin and Josh are in a relationship for two years now since they first met in the 2012 film “Singularity”.

Aside from “Love Rosie”, she stars in the 2014 “Queen and Country” wherein she plays a more serious role as a young woman studying at Oxford.