Being made the face of a major UK accessories brand could pose a potential occupational hazard for Tamsin Egerton who admits to having a bit of a weakness for handbags.

“I’m an absolute sucker for handbags. Accessorize has a few gorgeous tote handbags this season that definitely caught my eye,” she smiles.

“The gold and black bracelets on the shoot were also great, and I like the gold rings too as you could mix and match as many or as little as you liked to create such different looks. The rings actually worked really well together with the bracelets.”

Accessorize has a history of famous models and actresses being used in campaigns, including Sophie Dahl, Lily Cole and Kate Upton.

Now, following in their footsteps, is the turn of Hampshire born actress Tamsin.

Best known for her performance as Chelsea Parker in the 2007 and 2009 St Trinian’s films, Tamsin grew up in Petersfield and attended Ditcham Park School.

“My favourite thing about growing up in Hampshire was the family country walks we use to go on together with all the dogs in tow,” she explains.

“Being out and about amongst all that nature as a kid just made my imagination explode. I’m still a huge nature lover.”

After leaving school the 24-year-old decided to pursue an acting career. However, when the opportunity came up to model the new Accessorize autumn/winter range she jumped at the chance.

“Modelling and acting are so very different. With acting you cultivate a character over a period of time, but with modelling you have to change your persona and physical presence every split second,” she explains.

As a fan of handbags Tamsin’s first big purchase was a classic 2.55 Chanel bag when she was younger. But it is another bag which has her heart at the moment.

“I absolutely cherish my beautiful Céline handbag; it was a gift,” she enthuses.

“I also couldn’t live without a particular necklace my mother bought me for my 18th birthday. It has such sentimental value, it’s priceless.”

With her chosen career, fashion and shopping seem to go hand-in-hand and Tamsin admits there is nothing she loves more than getting ready for the red carpet.

“I love dressing up for events. To me it’s almost like wearing a costume for the evening,” the beautiful blonde explains.

“I’m becoming more daring and experimental with my style, so I can’t wait to bring that out on the next red carpet.”

“Being lent jewellery is also a huge highlight, as I’m sure you can imagine. When accessorising I usually go for subtle pieces. I like it when someone’s jewellery catches your eye and entices you to take a closer look.”

So how would Tamsin describe her style?

“My style is schizophrenic,” she admits. “One minute I’ll be wearing bright girly dresses and the next I’ll be swinging towards more structured masculine things. I don’t like to only have one particular style as it means I get bored easily,” she adds with a smile.

With November, the transition month from autumn to winter, a whole new wardrobe is a must. So what is on her wish list?

“I love Miu Miu, Alexander Wang, Phillip Lim, Acne and Opening Ceremony. I’m looking for a great structured wool coat at the moment. An embellished jumper might be quite fun too,” she says.

As Tamsin starts drawing up her shopping list I cannot help but mentally draw up my early Christmas wish list.
Looking at the photos of Tamsin modelling the glorious new trends it seems a trip to the high street could be in order.

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